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i am rolled up tight

light me up

watch me burn 


do you feel that?

the wind is coming

i too am

rolling over hills

blowing across faces

sucking up dust and


i too am carrying water

across the sky and 

holding until release

do you smell that?

smoke is in the air

take a drag

keep the cherry going

the rain will put me out

keep your lips right


it’s not raining yet

3121 by Prince
chai-teeth: please tell me about your hair dying experience~

ok soo the first time i colored my hair i bleached it then dyed it with semi-permanent dye. i didn’t like how it would fade so i would re color it alot. i ended up bleaching it too much (3 times over several months) and cut off an inch because of the damage. i stopped bleaching it and the last time i dyed it i used a permanent hair color instead. i love it! but taking a break from dying for a whileee. if youre really interested i would do it, but don’t be impatient like i was! 

aznotnewk: i really wanna post a sexy pic but i also don’t want to end up on 18-15n-77-30w ewww :/ what to do? *Do you follow his blog? Can you please explain your concern with not wanting to end up on his blog? I saw your tag: objectification?...

i don’t follow his blog anymore. i just read a post a while back about him, so i’ll try and find it for you. i think the jist of the post was that it appears to be a black woman appreciation blog, but he really just posts women as objects. the way he describes our bodies, hair, smell… as if we are wild creatures that only exist to fufill others’ fetishizing sexual desires… and it’s also annoying that he embeds his link in all the posts so it’s hard to find the actuall source!! anyways i’m not hatin on fetishes in general, but i think it’s fucked up to fetishize one race of women and exotify them

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